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Upcoming Spain tour 2015 article

Spanish Version

He aquí un artículo sobre nuestra próxima gira en España 2015. http://www.diarioya.es/content/llega-a-españa-el-clasicismo-innovador-de-ashot-tigranyan


English Version

My good friend, Rima Calderon, who is ultimately responsible for group communication
companies for the Washington Post, also manages Public Relations for the Phillips Art
Collection. Because of this position and his extreme sense of artistic sensibility, he mentioned to
us the impending arrival in Spain one of the greatest exports of the musical tradition of the old
Russian school, violinist, Ashot Tigranyan.

It is a unique opportunity to hear his music and feel his playing, live and direct in Spain.
Before looking into the concert schedule, I first went to Youtube to view his videos and meet the
teacher. The crush was instant. I suggest a listen to his delightful interpretation of “Salut
d’Amor,” by the great English composer, Sir Edward Elgar.

Like any artist and genius, this man arouses passions of all kinds. He provides great expertise
and sensibility, whether for the arrangements of which his orchestra plays and he conducts, or
for the pieces that rely on his own voice as the violin. It is undeniable that his playing of the
violin, grown in the Moscow Conservatory by the famous Leonid Kogan, connecting the mind,
the heart, and skilled hands, contains a certain expressive content that inspires excitement
within those who listen.

Ashot Tigranyan, even with such individual success, understands the responsibility to pass on
the legacy of this form of giving life to and promoting the transmission of music, and has
launched a project, a collection of young musicians, the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra.
This coming February will see twelve individual concerts performed in the Spanish Territory.
I have met briefly with Ashot Tigranyan through Skype and he tells me that he is really looking
forward to coming to Spain. He holds a special affection for Spain and has therefore decided to
launch a European Tour on our land and with our people who are “charged with good energy.”
I have prepared some news of his fourth tour in Spain in advance. In addition to works by
Vivaldi and Mozart, the tour will include works from our greats, Falla and Sarasate.

Because the performances will include Spanish composers, soprano Virginia Tola has also been
invited to join the project, to that she will be giving her voice to the Seven Popular Spanish
Songs of Manuel de Falla. She will sing in three performances in Zaragoza, Madrid, and
Barcelona in the 8th, 10th, and 18th of February, respectively.

Ashot Tigranyan confirms, from its innovative classicism, the orchestra’s sense of responsibility
of passing down the legacy of education that he received at the Moscow State Conservatory
from master Leonid Kogan.

“The vibrato, vibrato,” he says with love and passion. It is the vibrato of the Russian School that
allows this special singing flexibility of gut strings.

The beloved vibrato that Tigranyan’s violin sings touches the viewer’s soul, and we now have
the opportunity and privilege to meet him here, live in Spain.

For more details of the tour and to see more videos of the orchestra, visit their website:

Tickets are already available on sale here: