Tour of France 2015

Tour dates and a collection of images that showcase Ashot Tigranyan and the Orchestra on tour in France, 2015.

april 2015

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may 2015

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A flawless month in a fantastic country visiting beautiful cities playing the wonderful sounds of classical music is how I would summarize our France tour. We arrived in the pleasant city of Aix En Provence one week before our tour began and what a great week that was. The Orchestra and the team had some time to get acquainted with the French language and customs which would prove useful while touring. The week leading up to our first concert we rehearsed in a quaint auditorium on the outskirts of the city and on the first night we enjoyed a nice welcoming party with great pizza and tasty wine provided by Maestro Ashot Tigranyan. With the Orchestra on point and playing perfectly we were ready to begin our tour! Enjoy some pictures that were taken along the way.

Aix En Provence –

Paris –

Lyon –

Bordeaux –